The Future’s Bright The Future’s Denim Part 2

Selfridges have a collection of jeans as part of their ‘Denim Studio’ department.

‘Denim Studio’ do anything from stone wash, ripped, coloured and patterned jeans, so you can find the right pair for you depending on whatever shape, style, occasion and personality.

Midrise or short leg or cigarette jeans combine beautifully with wedges or stiletto heels, providing the perfect smart casual combination; wedge heels especially go well with cropped trousers, making the legs appear longer but also it’s the perfect spring/ summer look.

To go super casual  jeans for ‘vegging out’ as I say, boyfriend midrise is the way to go. Although I would highly recommend that flats/ pumps or trainers are the only recommended footwear I would wear with boyfriend jeans, however during winter they go nice and comfortably with standard UGG boots or if you’re on a budget ‘FUGGS‘ [fake UGGs]

For patchwork jeans or embroidered patterned jeans, I would personally opt for stitching on my own sewn on badges which you can purchase from Claire’s Accessorries, Top Shop, River Island or New Look. Patchwork jeans maybe opt for two shades of the same colour, although I think too many colours on jeans make the denim look over done.

Wide leg high rise jeans go great with a plain top, preferably a blouse and maybe some ankle boots, making the legs appear longer and slimmer. Cropped skinny jeans I would customise with wearing sandals or flats.

Military styled jeans are great as they come with additional pockets to the side, formulating additional detail and it is a more simplified style if embroidered roses or patchwork is not to your own personal taste.

Fringed bottomed jeans seem to be in-vogue at the moment, I remember seeing a Rachel Comey pair for £320 from Selfridges ‘denim studio.’ If you want the fringed jeans look but you are either on a budget or are not fussed about designer labels, you can get a pair of fabric scissors and cut the bottoms yourself to make the fringed look. For cheap or a affordable jeans, the cheapest in good quality I would opt for is maybe Select or Forever 21.

Ripped jeans are amazing, I think that even an unintentional rip you could get away with, as that is the beauty of denim, it can be disguised as the ripped jeans look. Ripped jeans can go with nearly most styles ankle jeans, skinny jeans, high rise, low rise and dungarees, however the only style of jeans you possibly wouldn’t get away with is possibly skater or wide leg jeans.

Jumpsuits in denim are perfect for comfort, you can wear them with either flats or heels. They come in sleeveless, short, long sleeved.

Denim dresses are perfect for the summer wear and can be suggested to be worn with heels, mainly wedges or even flats like casual sandals. To break up and emphasise more shape you can dress it up with a belt around the waist to compliment the dress, as a way to accessorise and compliment the dress, exaggerating the waistline as petite, providing that pear or hour glass shape.

Denim dresses I find are better in blue. You can have again, same as the jumpsuits different styles of denim dresses. You can wear short sleeved, dungaree, off shoulder, sleeveless.

Sleeveless or dungaree style instead of a belt, you could possibly get away with a slogan t-shirt underneath as a substitute for customising instead of using belts or jewellery.

These items are extremely rare, but I find you can purchase them off ebay or amazon, are denim wedge heels that are very 90’s.

Denim shirts are also great as casual wear, I actually have one in short sleeve and long sleeve, you can wear them with a long gypsy style top, hippy top, vest top or slogan t-shirt underneath and you can also use them in the summer instead of a woolly cardigan or hoodie as you can easily tie them around your waist when it gets hot and then put them on again when that summer breeze comes along at night. I have noticed now though in All Saints you can buy sleeveless denim tops and you can buy from any internet clothes outlet like ebay or bohoo denim strappy crop tops which go great with bandeau pants or ‘Ali Baba trousers.’ or maybe a pair of shorts.

denim halternec
A beautiful halter denim crop top suitable for both smart or casual.
denim stud crop
This is more a going out style top, however you can dress it up with shorts, a skirt more or less anything.

denim co-ord



Denim jackets are great as well and available with sequins, studs or buttoned designs, they are amazing for casual jackets and go well with anything. Denim waistcoats are amazing with a long gypsy skirt customise with s straw cowboy style hat with a t-shirt, which is what I term the festival look. Denim waist coats are also perfect for the biker look, with a slogan t-shirt and leather trouser, perfectly inspired Joan Jett style look. You can also use a denim waistcoat with a long fringed top, ankle boots or cowboy boots with denim shorts, creating that prairie style look. Denim waist coats you can also wear as part of your beach look over your bikini too.


michelle keegan in denim jacket
Michelle Keegan  dresses with style wear trainers with ripped skinny jeans and this denim coat is also great for autumn/ winter wear with faux wool on the inside and collar stitching.

Victoria Beckham does an amazing clothes range, dresses, jeans and of course embroidered jeans, True Religion, I also find does comfortable designer brand jeans, however these are on the more extortionate pricing range unless you were to get them on sale.

Jeans I have found are popular and extremely notable for denim wear. Denim material provides a lot of historic symbolism.

I find that even certain places to this ban jeans. Back in history, I found out that a lot of evening places for nights out, like theatres, restaurants banned jeans as a form of wear, this due to society associating jeans with rebellion. A fact as well this is especially in the form of dark blue or black jeans to this day that in fact the original colour of jeans was in fact indigo coloured to cover dirt and stains. Levi Straus producing the first ever jeans brand during the 19th century colonial period in America during that time, denim is the most time-honoured classic material in history throughout many decades.


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