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Favourites This Month!


Each month inspired from various youtubers and fellow feminists, I have decided to do a monthly favourites blog entry, this will be reviews on the latest films, I have watched with reviews on places, travel, clothes, beauty products and films and series, as well as books.

‘Let’s Go To The Movies’

One of the best purchases I have ever made was a monthly purchase of an Odeon Limitless card, that’s right, limitless where I can see all the movies I want and for the amount of movies I watch in my spare time, this is perfect and great value for money. I would just like to say as a self confessed Disney fan, I watched Beauty And The Beast the live action version. I must say I was rather impressed, I will admit I wasn’t at all best impressed, when I first found out Emma Watson was playing the lead heroine Belle, but after watching this and after all her activism for the HeforShe campaign, I am actually in awe, it was nice seeing a British heroine in a lead role. Watson’s characterisation was spot on and was parallel to the cartoon Belle, it was nice that Belle was an inspirational character, for the fact that she was an independent woman and she also invented the same as her father, but that she was also fond of reading; not relying on a man to protect her, the character was very intelligent and strong willed, and although this sounds cheesy, as a child Belle as a fictional character reminds me of myself with the aims and ambitions.

I would also like to say Dan Stevens impressed greatly as the Beast, his character in Downton Abbey was in fact very much missed after the character’s death, but to have two leading British actors in such an iconic Disney live action movie, was tremendous. How Steven’s had the stamina to maintain such heavy costuming and physical balance, especially in his ball room scene, where he danced with Belle was tremendous. Ewan McGregor did an exemplary French accent, as the candle stick Lumiere; from what I had read and seen in interviews Ewan McGregor had to really work hard on his French accent and had to have lessons from his French native wife. The original motion picture, did not have much about the time period, whereas this one is set in the period of just before the French revolution, about the Georgian era in England. The subtexts are more explicit in this version, and a lot of questions are answered bringing in how one character dies tragically from the plague long ago. So it brought more out historically, Beauty and The Beast has always been one of my favourite films by Disney and of course Belle has always been my favourite Disney Princess, as sad as I sound I even dressed up as a slutty version of Belle for Halloween just gone.


14563494_10154093247996801_5241923598295946740_n Of course here’s a picture of me dressed as Belle for Halloween previously.

Another movie I recently saw on youtube was ‘Amanda Knox On Trial In Italy’ , this movie was purely interesting from the point of view looking at how the justice system defers a lot to the justice system in American. The movie being based on a true story about 20 year old student from Seattle, Amanda who goes to study in Italy, and falls in love with an Italian, but her British house mate is brutally murdered, Amanda’s reaction is very out the ordinary from the other housemates, which then leads to suspicion after small traces of evidence, Amanda is then arrested and allegations later lead that she was wrongly accused. Hayden Panittierre’s performance was incredible, the portrayal was very unbiased from press leeks, to her being lead to believed she had contracted HIV, but die to three more blood tests it’s then proved how wrong it was. Hayden’s portrayal of the accused, was emotional, outgoing and her reaction of oddly doing cart wheels at the police station, was from what I have seen in interviews and documentaries was an accurate account of the character.

Whilst we are on movies and documentaries, I watched ‘Babs’ on BBC 1, a portrayal of Barbara Windsor. I found it quite disappointing, due to I thought there would be more around her life and it go through all of it, instead of bit by bit flash backs. I thought with the real life Barbara Windsor showing up made it more confusing, as it was like, if she’s in it, and it’s set in 1993 why is she there now, and they might as well have made it into a Barbara Windsor documentary.

However, I thought Samantha Spiro was very impressive, resemblance, and how she acts and speaks was what I thought was on point to imitating Barbara Windsor. However, I was disappointed in young Barbara played by Jamie Winstone; Jamie was in terms of resemblance busty like Barbara but found her physical appearance unbelievable because Winstone is taller and more well built, other than the cockney accent, her mannerisms and emotions were completely more herself than the character she is portraying. I found the documentary could’ve covered more of her life and revealed more about her trauma with the press and her previous boyfriends, more about her alleged affair with Sid James, her Carry On co star and her relationships with her fellow actors on/off screen, as it only covered little bits of her life.

Beauty is Pain

In this section, I will first of all cover how I manage stress in my life, as you all know I work three jobs, I write this blog I work most days and have had a very up/ down year in terms of my personal life. I have now gone back to exercising at least 2 or 3 times a week. I went for a walk in the countryside yesterday, it was nice being able to appreciate the nature alone, enjoying the sun and thinking about things whilst listening to my IPOD, walking two and a half miles down country lanes, admiring beautiful tall standing trees, flowers blooming and the sound of the birds singing, didn’t feel like exercise but when I got home my thighs were aching so it must’ve worked someways.

I also find other forms of exercise as I usually do a lot of dancing and running about anyway, I have decided to cut back on the high volume exercise and do some yoga, yoga is a perfect de stress method of exercise, it works you, but a lot more calmer and toned down, it really helps me at the moment as I have had fainting spells due to anaemia. So for the next couple of weeks walking and yoga are the tricks and less high risk.

I love my bubble baths and of course my Lush cosmetics, I have had better skin since using 1/2 a week my Rosy Cheeks, made from natural rose petals and Turkish rose oil, as it is made with natural products it has to be refrigerated directly after use, it also has a calming influence on me, but also my skin has felt less irritated and a lot more smoother and vibrant, it actually does what the name says ‘Rosy cheeks.’ It’s £7.99 from Lush. It’s well worth the price you pay for it.


lush cosmetics

Body Art

Last Tuesday, I visited the tattoo parlour before my evening shift, accompanied by my good friend Emma, who is in limbo about getting one done herself. I had a blue rose, blue is my favourite colour and of course a blue rose is very rare, roses are my favourite flowers, so I decided to have a blue rose on my right thigh. I went to Divine Ink Tattoo Studios in Birmingham City Centre. Indeed it is my fourth tattoo, and coincidentally, it looks like a blue version of the Beauty and The Beast rose with the falling petals, but actually,  it isn’t but I think that’s cool since it’s one of my favourite Disney movies.  My advice regarding tattoos, is that for your first one book with a very reputable tattoo parlour and of course Divine Ink Studios offer free touch ups, make sure it’s licensed. I paid £60 including a £20 deposit for mine, which was good value for money. Also I am very laid back and have been known to fall asleep through 2 of my tattoo procedures, but if you’re scared of pain, have the tattoo where there’s more meat or more body fat as it’s less painful. I describe the pain as not that bad, more like little cat scratches. After having a tattoo, I am now suffering with itchiness and scabbing, that’s normal thing to happen, make sure you expose it to air every 7 hours and you keep it well cleansed and after having a bath or shower, bepanthon nappy rash cream is the way to make it heal properly. If you scratch at the scabs it can actually ruin the ink on the tattoo and cause infections in the skin.

Here is an image below of the tattoo I had.


I found if you are going to get a tattoo, you need to be 100% sure you have one, as they are there for the rest of your life. It’s personal taste at the end of the day, as long as you like your tattoo, it doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. My first tattoo I had done when I was 18 and my parents hated the design and hated the little black fairy on my hip, at the time it did bother me, that they thought that, but if people don’t like my tattoos now, I could stick my middle finger up to their opinions, personally you have to be very sure of yourself to forget what people think of you and your body art. I know my tattoos have a special meaning to me, and I know I love them, so I now let comments people make about my body art or appearance in general wash over me.

Thanks for all my followers and readers for taking the time to read this. If anyone has any comments or recommendations regarding any of the subjects I have covered, please leave a comment.

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  1. A good read Helen. It’s very true what you say and to not worry about what other people think about you as it’s more important to own your individuality instead 😀


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