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30 Books in 2018

Now I know this sounds very cliche, but I found one of my cures of anxiety and as well developing my knowledge and vocabulary, especially for my copy writing home learning course I am doing in my spare time. I have found reading is a great way to spend my time. I have stopped being my own self critic since I’ve stopped reading trashy magazines, like I did in my teenage years and my early twenties soaking up everything written about celebrities and their diets. As I explained in my blog about 2018 and being a new woman and adulting, I was my own worse critic, comparing myself to others and being my own worse critic, now with these magazines, I found once I stopped reading them and converted to books, my self esteem (not to mention my imagination, knowledge and vocabulary improvements) my comparison in the looks factor to others has indeed stopped. So it has done wonders for my mind body and soul.

Here’s a reflection on a couple of examples of books I read last year.

Me Before You by Jojo Moyes.

This novel is heart warming, and tells the life of Louisa Clarke who loses her job working in a cake shop to how her life change caring for a man with a spinal injury and disability. It talks about the debate of euthanasia, settling down, the unexpected and it’s also very good relating to women in their 20’s that don’t know where they are going in their life.


Paris For One this is also by the same author Jojo Moyes, telling the story of how a young woman books a trip to Paris with her boyfriend, however she is stood up and takes the risk of travelling to Paris alone and then finds a holiday romance. This explores the life of young woman in her late twenties like myself and being spontaneous. I related a lot to the character and this book as I am of the same age as the central female character and the spontaniety and also the anxiety I had when bravely travelling alone to both Rome and Paris. One thing I like about Jojo Moyes her female characters I feel I can relate too, as they are not living glamorous lives, they are normal down to earth girls with the same problems and anxieties as me and other women my age overcome emotionally. Jojo Moyes characterisation is of sheer brilliance, sharing similarities with writer Sophie Kinsella.

paris for oneI decided that after watching feminist Hannah Witton’s youtube video on the ‘Banging Book Club’ and her 50 book in a year challenge I am going to expand my mind and as a great relaxing tool, I am going to start a 30 year book challenge. I have two that I am half way through one is the novel of the film Beauty and The Beast and the other is The Lonely Hearts Travel Club: India by author Katy Collins. I will post the reviews for those two books when I have completed them next week. katy collins

b and b novel

If you have read any of these books discussed or would like to recommend any books to read/ discuss on this new book club blog. Please leave a comment.

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