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Going Back Into The World After Lockdown

As I write this now, I am all set to go back to the work, the pub has been opened a few days, and I am feeling my stomach doing somersaults on constant. I have no idea what to expect, as I watch the rain trickling down my window, all I can see is dark grey skies, it reminded me of my dark lonely days back in winter, when I was living at the top of a hill in old remote farmhouse when I first moved from Birmingham to Warwickshire; only I wasn’t on my own, I had my partner with me this time, but inside I still felt the loneliness and the panic full with nerves.

I couldn’t even taste my morning coffee, I was too nervous with a sick feeling. As I walked up to the steps of the new staff car park, I felt relieved to see the friendly faces I hadn’t seen for 3 months. It was odd, before lockdown, I was chatting to locals and the final shift was just the rest of the management team and I, but now it’s very different, the space away to keep the safety of us and the customers in the building. I just felt like I was so distant from everyone, not being able to chat for too long and see the same friendly faces. Getting to grips with new things, as I am sitting at a concierge style desk (something that wasn’t in place before COVID 19). Every time I look out from my desk onto the restaurant floor, I have ant in my pants urge to go clear tables and jump on the bar pulling pints; but I then realise I can’t, it’s still in my mind of how I am going to adapt to the new situation? Will we ever return to normal? Will we ever be able to return to being able to have a chin wag with our locals? Or banter with our colleagues? Only time will tell…

Everyday is different, at the moment I am going to take each day as it comes, and be thankful, that we are moving on and things are slowly improving during this pandemic; we will hopefully overcome this, so for now I should be thankful for the furlough payment, but also be thankful that I am one of these individuals that is lucky enough to still be in a job earning a regular salary. Who knows by the time we have adapted to this ‘new normal’ it’ll be back to how it once was and then we will have to learn to resume back to the ‘old’ normal.

If anyone has had any difficulties or wants to leave a comment on how this situation has affected them, please leave a comment, it’ll be interesting to hear your experiences and thoughts on this.

Thanks for reading


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