Thumbelina Dresses To Impress

This latest entry I would like to discuss a new topic this week, but still along the lines of fashion.

However, I would like to turn my attention to dressing for the petite size lady.

Being tiny and standing at a pocket sized 5’1, I have always found it difficult to find clothes that fit me in a lot of high street stores. I have always been known through school by my friends as a ‘miniature mini’ or ‘titch.’ Being of little stature and having a small frame runs in my family, and in my family we have this hereditary trait that we all have a plump and chubby stage and then we grow up into slender women, but still maintaining the lilliputian stature. My older sister standing at a small 5’3 being considered the tallest in our family and my mom at a size of 4’11, you can imagine three small sized females that are not very busty, would have the advantage of constantly swapping clothes and styles.

Being small has it’s drawbacks, as I know myself I would never get away with certain items of clothing or dressing in the same style as a cat walk model.

Many famous style icons over the years have proven to be petite. I have the bust size of 32B, so I am very flat chested but somehow I managed to inherit my late nan Oreen’s curvy derriere. I have now overcome most of my image insecurities and make the most of my small but slightly curvy build.

Style icons that are petite and that I admire most with influence of how to dress are, ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Star Lucy Hale who plays Aria Montgomery in the show. On the show Lucy as Aria wears a lot of skater and mini dresses, where she shows off her legs and accentuating them with high heels making her appear taller and slender. She inspires me from a style point of view because she wears her clothes with bright patterned style and accessories, which make her stand out and appear confident and with a big personality as she appears small but has this big artsy personality.Her accessories, jewellery and patterned mixture of coloured accessories,  compliment her dark features and petite frame.

‘Littleness’ or ‘Pocket sized’ as a nickname became fashionable when back in the 1980s; pop princess Kylie Minogue dominated the charts. For her videos ‘I Should Be So Lucky’ and ‘Hand On Your Heart’  Kylie wears tiny skirts and mini bodycon dresses, again with bright colours making her stand out. Dressing up with heels making her legs appear longer and taller in stature. One thing I have noticed about petite girls they can easily get away with wearing heels of almost any description with bright colours as it helps them stand out.

I also remember reading an interview with Cosmopolitan magazine, with ‘The Saturdays’ member Mollie King, who said she wears a lot of playsuits, mini dresses and shorts; but she couldn’t pull off the maxi dresses due tp her being too short. I admit I have tried giving maxi dresses a chance but the make me appear a lot shorter and do not show off my best features of my body, that’s the one thing the average petite girl/ woman may struggling with when wearing maxi dresses.

However, on sites like and MisGuided they do provide maxi dresses in petite ranges so if you want to wear a long maxi dress they do tailor them for the petite sized female.

Once again, I would like to thank you for taking the time to read my blog, as I thought it would be nice to share my thoughts with the public on fashion as it is a great passion of mine. Below is images of Lucy Hale and Mollie King, who are amazing and dress up their miniscule statures with style.


Welcome to the 90s

As my first entry, I thought I would share my reasons as why I have chosen to write this blog. I have always had a strong passion for social media and creative writing, and I have a great eye for detail. I am a very observant and artistic person. One thing I have always valued and taken pride in is my appearance, I have always had a penchant for clothes, accessories and shoes.
When I was at college, I had made a number of fashion mistakes trying to follow the crowd and look tough wearing big hooped earrings with shell suits which looking back now didn't even suit me. It was all about coming from a comprehensive school where Burberry and Playboy was all the rage.However, my taste in fashion changed when I left college and left behind the cardigan shrugs, glittery tops, hooped earring and playboy tracksuits behind, as I had learned to dress to suit my figure, I would never go back to those fashion days as it reminds me of my puppy fat days and I realised looking back, I was dressing to fit in with other people and not dressing like myself and not even dressing to suit my figure.I would like to start talking about how my dress sense changed, I have always had a taste for bohemian and hippy style clothes as they look great with anything and will always come back into fashion, I spent my later teens going from bubblegum pink, hooped earrings to flared jeans and gypsy tops, it is also comfortable to wear and goes great with anything,on any occasion, such as a party, festival, casual wear anything.I would like to say at the moment it is nice to dress up, when I am not wearing a theatre usher uniform or office wear which are my work clothes, I love to dress and experiment with different styles, I dress to suit my mood and of course the weather. My fashion icons include Michelle Keegan; she has a similar figure and colouring to me, she knows how to dress down in style and has proven a good role model and fashion icon to young women. I particularly love her Lipsy fashion line, it is affordable high street brands. She has dressy and casual mixed with glamorous. One thing I liked to do that Michelle Keegan does, is mix up her fashions, like skater dresses, biker jackets and body con dresses she wears on different occasions, for example she wear minimalist jewelery and accessories if she is wearing a colourful or patterned ensemble.I am a very petite girl, I have a curvy bum with small boobs, so I tend to show off my best features, I will wear denim shorts quite a lot as my casual with baggy oversized t-shirts, dressed up with a long necklace. I had a great find for my size 2 feet, as having small feet I have always struggled to find shoes that fit me, but my mom and I have great bargains with heels, black shoes, trainers suitable for anything however old or whatever style in New Look Kids Section. I used to really hate my legs as I always thought I had thunder thighs and knobbly knees, but now that I have grown in confidence I have learned to embrace myself better, and going for a more grown up look like wearing skirts. My other favourite fashion icons are Audrey Hepburn,even though she was tall and skinny, she pulled off the classic beauty in her clothes because she wore everything modestly but didn't not over complicate her outfits, she stayed plain and not mix too many colours and patterns and dressed to flatter her best features. 
One thing I am loving at the moment this due to my inspiration from movies and classics that I was watching whilst growing up in the 90's is the style. I am very glad that 90's is seen to be cool at the moment, Bohoo, Misguided and other popular sites are launching 90's ranges. The 1990's was an amazing era as it brought out the best in genres of music, Madchester, Girl Power, Rave.  One shop I found recently where I purchased a 1960's flower power skirt which I will plan to wear with a plain top, and I also got a 90's style pink blouse which will go great with a pair of denim shorts, all for under £20 is Harper Lewis, located in the Bullring. Harper Lewis sells vintage clothing for very reasonable prices, the style varies from 1950s-early 200s. For men they also sell a great range of vintage/ old school Addidas and Ellesee, they also have these brands available in unisex for casual wear. I am also loving the 90s style with baggy boyfriend jeans with designs of badges and stickers, Harper Lewis has loads of these available to wear  in short, jackets and all sorts of denims. Want to look for more 90s fashion inspiration? It is interesting to watch some popular movies from around that time, I look at the fashion do's and don'ts that Alicia Silverstone wears in the hit 1995 movie Clueless, she wears some overly vibrant patterns and then classic outfits; another great film with amazing style icons is Drew Barrymore in movies like Poison Ivy, Mad Love, Boys on the side. Another thing to do for 90s style and steals is to youtube series like Save By The Bell and Sweet Valley High. 
I'll be back soon with more on fashion buys, classics and style steals next week.