About Me

Helen sometimes or majority of the time referred to by her friends and family Ellie for short, aspired to be an author as a child, then aspired to be a vet, however after bereavement of losing rabbit, bird and a dog when younger, she was put off the idea. Instead she turned her hand to creative writing and drawing, she was never an overly extrovert and overly confident child during her primary school years, she was often shy and kept herself to herself; however outside of school, she attended brownies, persuaded by her teachers to try it out, however, she had a short attention span and didn’t quite fit in with the other girls, as they were children whose mothers were involved in PTA’s and very cliquey and her mother wasn’t that kind of mom. However, during a song and dance competition held at her after school club, she massively enjoyed it, singing and dancing to songs from Grease. From their she signed up for dance lessons, dance shows and competitions, which she took on into secondary school. Another hobby Helen excelled at was singing, she passed the audition to enter her school’s choir and leading solos in the chamber choir. Helen enjoyed singing but her energy and confidence was channelled into her dance classes. Being dyslexic struggling with dyscalcula, she didn’t enjoy school or have a good experience. Helen received 7 GCSEs and graduated Aldridge Comprehensive turning her hand to studying performing arts at college and studying Drama a subject she excelled in, which lead onto a Drama and English degree at the University of Worcester, where she worked part time in a bar, as well as carrying on with drama and dance as part of her extra curricular activities.

Today Helen is currently writing a short novel, she resides in the Warwickshire village of Henley-In-Arden, where she works as an Assistant Manager for a local pub, as well as sometimes doing some amateur dramatics, when she is able to take the time of from work, she is a member of the Walsall Grange Players. Helen’s hobbies are enjoying spending time with her fiance Jack and pet rabbit Ophelia, she also loves fashion, yoga and baking and during lock down she has gone back to her dancing and writing passions and is still a massive performing arts geek at heart.